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gorilla marketing
Marketing PR
Marketing PR
Marketing PRThere is a lot to be said for having public relations services centered on marketing. This is the core concept of “PR-Minded Marketing.” All of our marketing plans are developed with public relations in mind.
Marketing Director Service/Tota PR plan/PR Story Build/Ambient Marketing/Press Conference/Top Interview/Media Training/Online Media Relations/Focused Media Promotion(TV, news site)/PR Products Development/Guerilla Marketing/PR window in Tokyo
vitamin G
Real Social Networking
Real Social Networking
Social network services are convenient tools, but convenience is not enough to convey messages. Human interaction takes place in real time, and many times the telephone, mail and text messages are simply not good enough. We recommend making direct contact with audiences through "Expanded Real-World Communications."
Brand Concept Bar/Marketing Managers Meeting(MMM)/Night PR, too/Marketing Freelance Association/Collaboration/Sales Promotion/New Sale Channel/E commerce VS Retail
Shot Bar vitamin G
~ リアル・コミュニケーション・バー ~
Shot Bar「vitamin G」

そんなリアル・コミュニケーションをコンセプトとしたShot Bar vitamin Gです。




住所:中央区銀座7-2-11 4F
Tel: 03-5537-3099
Shot Bar vitamin G

Facebook is a great place to hang out, catch up with friends, see what's been happening with them lately. But nothing beats the real thing: Meeting people, sharing stories, laughing together, real life in real time. That's "vitamin G," the Real Communications Concept Bar.

Designed by a communications consultant, "vitamin G" is the real world space where journalists, writers, creators, designers, producers and just about everyone else involved in marketing can drop by and have some fun.

The interior offers a refined atmosphere illuminated with blue LED lighting, eight seats at the counter and a box seat. And outside is the Lawn Terrace with FIFA-approved artificial turf and seating for 12.

The menu features Chinese Tea highballs, wine, whisky, beer, sake, shochu, cocktails and more. Light snacks are also available, including cheeses, ham, dried fruits and sardines in a special oil. And be sure to try our exclusive collagen soup ramen with Oyama Game Fowl!

Shot Bar vitamin G
vitamin G, 4F, 7-2-11, Ginza, Tokyo
Open weeknights from 5:00 pm to midnight around 4:00 am
(Open Saturdays when we are in the mood, or reserved)
Tel: 03-5537-3099
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  • リアルコミュニケーションバーカウンター
  • リアルコミュニケーションバーテーブル
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The Gmarketing Approach to Communications Gマーケティングのビジネススタンスと特徴
‘What’s the best for brand.’を追及すると、答えが見えてくる。
企業内マーケティング部(in-house)と代理店(agency)、二つの経験が、それを可能にする。企業にとって、ブランドにとって、何がベストなのかを、追及し、Best Partnerを目指します。Gマーケティングは代理店ではなく、戦力です。 明日からこの外部チームがマーケティング部の戦力となります。


We begin by asking “What’s best for the brand?”
Plans and activities flow smoothly from the correct answer to this question. In striving to be the Best Partner of our clients, we apply marketing experience on both the corporate and agency sides to determine the best course for the brand and for the business.
Think of Gmarketing as members of your strategy team who just happen to work in an outside office.

Most of the Gmarketing group have worked inside both internal marketing divisions and agencies. We apply this experience to devise and propose just the kinds of plans an in-house marketing manager needs. Our experience spans more than 150 clients and every kind of communications challenge imaginable.

Before you place a want ad, contact Gmarketing. Let us put our capabilities to work for you, to find out what is best for your brand, and make that “best” a reality.
Marketing Services for B to C BtoC向けマーケティング活動
Integrated PR for German sport brand in German
PR Manager Services, sport event PR, management of agency and budge
Integrated PR for American sneaker brand
PR manager services, management of agency
Marketing PR for American surf brand
Re-Building marketing section, TV promotion, press promotion for magazine
Launch Plan for American paid-channel brand
Launch PR event
Integrated PR for American sneaker brand
Consumer campaign, TV promotion, tie-up, SNS promotion
TV promotion for Japanese Retail brand
Promoting TV publicity
Visit Japan campaign PR
Exhibition PR
Press Office Services for Cycle Mode
Marketing Services for B to B BtoB向けマーケティング活動
Marketing for Japanese Shosha
Marketing Director Services
Integrated PR for American IT security company
Corporate PR, top interview, strategic planning
Media training, speech training トレーニング関連
Crisis Media Training and Top interview speech training
Electronic Energy Company, Government, sports association, IT security company.
Human Education
Training for manager and consultant for PR company
刺激的に! ニッポンを楽しく!
Japan?Stimulating and Fun!
Behind the Name
正義と愛の象徴である ‘G’
‘G’ の力をマーケティングに活かす
東京都中央区銀座7-2-11 4F
The letter“G”stands for justice and love. We make full use of“G”in marketing activities.
Name:Gmarketing Inc.
Paid-in capital:1000000円
CEO & Managing
Seiji G. Shimada
Address:4F, 7-2-11, Ginza, Tokyo , Japan 1040061
1987.01 少年はマウンテンゴリラと出会う Young Seiji Shimada meets mountain gorillas for the first time
2001.09 総合PRコンサルティングサービスゴリラPR(屋号)設立 Seiji takes up the name “Gorilla PR” as he begins offering full-scale public relations consulting services
2001.10 日本初のマーケティング部長代理サービス、「MDS」を開始
Gorilla PR creates MDS, Japan’s first outsourced marketing manager service, which is adopted by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and adidas Japan
2001.10 西アフリカ・シエラレオネ支援NPO「AHDSI」設立、理事就任 Seiji establishes and manages AHDS, a non-profit organization to provide support to war-torn Sierra Leone in Africa
2003.12 リアルを大切にするソーシャルコミュニティ「from-a 」設立、名誉幹事就任 Seiji starts and becomes honorary director of “from-a,” a social community emphasizing real-world interaction
2006.09 総合コミュニケーション会社、パワードコミュニケーションズ設立、代表取締役就任 As a founding member of Powered Communications, a comprehensive communication sconsultancy, Seiji becomes CEO
2009.07 話題作りの新サービス、ゴリラマーケティングサービス開始 Seiji establishes Gorilla Marketing Services as a “trend generation service”
2011.01 マーケティングPR会社、ジーマーケティング設立 Gmarketing Inc. is established as a new marketing i & public relations consultancy
2011.02 リアルソーシャルネットワーキングの新サービス ‘ビタミンG’サービス開始 Gmarketing begins offering “Vitamin G,”a new service for“real-world social networking”
Message from CEO
PRだけじゃもったいない / PR alone is not enough
PRやコミュニケーション業界に20年携わる者として、20年前と今とでは全ての物事が変わりました。そんな中、日本における ‘PR’は、以前と変わらず、オーソドックスなPR活動をしている企業やPR会社が多いようです。
As someone involved in public relations and communications for two decades, I can really see the vast changes that have taken place over the past 20 years.
Yet, no matter how the world has changed, many companies implement the same kinds of “orthodox” PR plans they always have. What they really need now and will need more than ever in the future is wide-ranging PR plans.
Gmarketing’s basic approach is to provide full-scale marketing services based around public relations, or what I call Marketing PR. Our goal is to devise effective marketing methods around a core of public relations, and to strategically implement comprehensive communications activities with an emphasis on PR. We live in an age of abundance and ever-diversifying needs. Just having great products does not guarantee great sales. Makers have to polish their appeal and develop activities that win trust.
ベストチームをつくるために / To achieve the best team
One thing I have learned worked at PR agencies and managing the marketing divisions of companies is that people make good communications. Especially in agencies, the quality of the account manager, not the company, is the key to successful programs. The same holds true in my current work as an outsourced resource. The best team brings the best results.
Gマーケティングの組織 / The Gmarketing organization
The fate of every company resides in the character of the people in charge. In our case, I think we have achieved a truly unique team designed from the ground up as the best team for our clients.
Some agencies boast organizations of 100 or more account executives. In my experience, such organizations are so vertically managed that no one knows what the team in the next room is doing, preventing them from sharing expertise internally. The best team will never be built by a company like this, which is why we have eliminated all barriers from the Gmarketing organization.
I call our team members G Partners. These are freelancers and small companies who have provided their best talents for the formation of an optimal communications team. Gmarketing itself might be small, but our network is powerful. Each member could easily become the managing director of an agency in his or her own right. And we work together regularly, sharing information during and after working hours. Every account, every project enjoys the benefits of working with this “best team.”
服部尽 / Jin Hattori
Marketing PR specialist with wide-ranging advertising and PR experience
Dan O’brien
PR specialist with broad technology experience and expertise in Japanese market consulting for foreign companies
川村秀樹 / Hideki Kawamura
Former CEO of Hill & Knowlton Japan, currently a media training consultant and head lecturer with training experience spanning more than 50 clients of every size and industry
田中みき / Hideki Kawamura
Expert in beauty industry media relations with experience in the cosmetics, beverage and other consumer fields and strong relations with fashion and consumer lifestyle media
鈴木洋美 / Hiromi Suzuki
Former member of the Japanese national volleyball and beach volleyball teams takes charge of sports marketing and other sports-related consulting services

Jeff Loucks
PR director and translation manager focused on PR for multinationals and overseeing the production of press releases, annual reports and other communications tools
安藤まさ / Masa Ando
Applies experience as director at a US ad agency and marketing manager at a US PC maker to consult on corporate PR and IT marketing with an emphasis on business partner seminars, press conferences and IT media relations
野村隆 / Takashi Nomura
Chairman of team Corporate Governance, a Tokyo-based NPO, director at AHDS (NPO providing support for Sierra Leone) and public organization consultant

島田浩司 / Koji Shimada
(株)ワールド、IFIを経て、現事業開発研究所 代表取締役社長。ファッション業界のコンサルテーションを中心に活動。中国、韓国の企業や省庁を顧客に持つ。
CEO of IbD Co., Ltd. and in charge of consulting services for the fashion industry with clients including Chinese & Korean companies, as well as public organizations s
川口けん / Ken Kawaguchi
CEO of ZAAZ, deviser of the new sensory communications field of “olfactory promotions”

高杉新作 / Takasugi
Specialist in corporate PR from companies in IT to consumer goods, and bringing experience as PR manager at an NPO
須古恵 / Meg Suko
Professional photographer specializing in portraits, landscapes and still photography
五十君勲 / Isao Isogimi
Expert on refurbishing and LER [LED] lighting

南井さん / Munamii
Master writer and marathon runner
事業開発研究所、Take Tokyo、創Communications、Gカンパニー、I flow、アイゴス、凛、No moss、Synap、自立の為の人材育成機構、三浦漁業組合、パワードコミュニケーションズ、ADK International、MS&L、Eレント、Yellow Cab Next、K-Point、nois value
IbD, Take Tokyo, Zo Communications, G Company, I flow, IGOS, Lin, No moss、Synap, Jiritsu no Tame no Jinzai Ikusei Kiko, Miura Fisheries Co-operative, Powered Communications, ADK International, MS&L, E RENT, Yellow Cab Next, K-Point, nois value